Caliber Academy announced the launch of a new workshop entitled “Workshop for the Preparation of the Actor” under the supervision of Mahmoud El-Gendy and director Ali Badrakhan, in collaboration with Badrakhan Foundation for Culture and Arts.

The course begins on May 16 and lasts for three months, and offers practical lessons for the trainee to learn the true meaning of representation and the fundamental differences between acting performance on stage and acting in front of the camera, the academy said in a statement on Sunday.

The workshop includes teaching the basic concepts of acting, including the identification of the film and television industry, the pioneers and the job application. It also includes the definition of the emotional memory of the actor (Stanislavsky School), how to continue cinematography as well as body language lessons Simulation, synthesis and integration.

The trainee can learn through the course on the craftsmen of the film and television industry (motion of the camera, clips and lenses of all kinds) and the drama of the representative voice and monologue, as well as learning to analyze and interpret the cinematic text and identify the important elements.

The cost of the course is 4500 pounds on the first two payments when booking the course, and the rest two months after the beginning of the workshop, and the study dates for the course on Friday of each week for the duration of the course from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.

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