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Many people are talented and try to spin on places
You learn # representation, # output, and # scenario
Caliber and Badrakhan offer you a professional training opportunity
By director # Ali_Bdrakhan
The opening door is open to the film workshop and the acting workshop
– #film_making_workshop 6 months
Studying 4 majors (directing, editing, screenplay, photography)
You will be granted a membership  in the Film Guild after evaluating the graduation project before a committee of the union
The workshop dates: Monday and Wednesday from 6 – 10 pm
Workshop cost: 7,000 or 8000 for two installments

Workshop # Cinematic representation for 3 months
Studied in it: (Preparation of a representative of cinema and video – Representations of the representation in front of the camera + Implementation of a project that depicts video)
At the end of the workshop, the CD will be delivered to the photographer during the workshop
Dates of the workshop: Sunday and Tuesday each week from 6 – 10 pm
Workshop cost: 4000 or 4500 for two installments
For inquiries, please call 01013111183 – 01013111184
Register your data here from cbfilmacademy.com/en/registration-form
Or we are honored at the headquarters of Caliber and Badrakhan academic film: 21 Mohieddin Abu El Ezz – Mohandessin